Quince Imaging Employs Custom Screen Solutions for International US-African Business Forum with President Obama

International Business Forum

August 5, 2014 - Quince Imaging, Inc. sets the stage for US/ African government and business leaders with custom projection mapping design.

August 6, 2014 Washington, DC - As part of the inaugural US-African Business Forum, Quince Imaging, Inc. transformed the Grand Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel using the latest additions to their custom screen inventory. Hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies, the event included high ranking panelists such as President Obama, former President Clinton, Vice President Biden, and numerous heads of state from the African continent.

The creative production group FiveCurrents sought to fill the ballroom without overpowering the intimate nature of such an impactful panel. To meet the challenges set forth by the production team, The Quince Imaging design team led by projection designer CJ Davis devised a screen configuration that would fill the space wall to wall with simple yet elegant curves. In order to achieve the clean looks set forth in the design, the bulk of traditional fast-fold screen products just would not do. The Quince engineering team rose to the challenge by designing and constructing the latest addition their custom screen inventory. While Quince has a number of curved and borderless screens, the latest convex 20'x11' screen is the first of its kind. Utilizing a lightweight aluminum frame, the Da-Lite screen material is able to fill 100% of the curve while retaining crisp edges and corners.

Implementing such seamless integration required attention to detail both stylistically and technically. By providing the full package- display engineering, creative services, and media server solutions- Quince was able to exceed the critical expectations set forth by such high profile clientele. The combination of quality projection, high-resolution playback support, and on site expertise helped delivered quality results to an international audience.

With a history of quality screen surfaces, Quince maintains an inventory of large-format Stewart Aeroview screens, custom seamless front projection screens, and a series of curved frame options.

Operating nationwide, Quince Imaging ( offers the latest image projection, widescreen and design services, with the most impressive graphic content currently available in event production.

Producer: Five Currents
Projection Designer: CJ Davis
Chief Engineer: Anthony Magdon
Media Server Engineer: Kyle Bjordahl

Equipment List:
(10) Christie M-Series Projectors
(4) Pandoras Box Media Servers with Capture Cards
(2) Custom Borderless 20'x11' Curved Front Projection Screens
(1) 12' x 40' Widscreen