National Geographic 125th Anniversary Gala


When approached by Garner Mills Group to create a massive immersive projection mapping experience at the National Building Museum (DC) for the National Geographic 125th Anniversary Gala, Quince Imaging responded with an image projection scenario that would engage and captivate their audience.

Utilizing twenty five Barco HD 20,000 lumen projectors and 12 Coolux Pandora's Box media servers Quince was able to deliver bright imagery that covered the two 110' sides of the center court, an overhead 50' x 50' screen, and a massive 80' wide x 75' high convex curved fabric screen. All of the imagery was stitched together within the media server allowing for synchronous surround sound audio and video playback across the entire 350' lineal feet of picture.

View time-lapse video of National Geographic's production build, event, and strike  

Through experience gained from thirty years of image projection and display engineering, Quince was well prepared to anticipate all challenges that the massive screens and unique architecture would present. With the event starting at 6pm on the longest day of the year, installing a massive blackout cap rigged to the ceiling allowed for viewablity without the sun impeding proper contrast. Airflow in the space was a concern for the massive fabric center screen. By working with the buildings engineering team airflow was managed allowing the fabric convex to keep its shape.

Through extensive analysis of the venue and the selected image projection surfaces, a template was designed for National Geographic which supplied guidelines to create new and iconic imagery that would fill the space. The information provided allowed their creative team to find and produce an impressive amount of 4K video and still imagery that was themed throughout each section of the show ... taking the audience from temperate zones through the artic and back.