Boston University Campaign Launch at Agganis Arena



Quince Imaging was chosen by Feats, Inc. as display designers to create and implement full motion imagery on the ice surface of the BU Arena. Leveraging over thirty years of imaging technology experience to fulfill their mission Quince created a high resolution, 90' wide x 160' long projected image across the hockey ice in BU's Agannis arena.

Full coverage of the BU ice was accomplished by creating a two high by three wide projection array comprised of twelve Christie 20,000 lumen projectors. Each projector was positioned directly above the ice allowing for proper angle of incidence. Utilizing Coolux Pandora's Box media servers, each projectors output was geometrically corrected and then soft-edge blended to one another. Throughout the event huge scale 4k graphics played synchronously via "click-track" to live performances by the Boston Pops symphony, engaged and immersed the audience in a journey through Boston University's past, present, and future.

During a thorough pre event analysis it was determined that projector throw distance would be a challenge. The ceiling of the venue was not the ideal height, which required some creative engineering to achieve the full coverage of the surface. By attaching steel pipes to the sides of truss we were able to increase the height of the projectors from the surface when the truss and motors had already been trimmed at their limit. All of the alignment was done digitally first with the media servers then fine tuned with the projectors internal warp system.

With the standard seating format for a typical arena it was apparent early on that the large imagery would need to be very high resolution to allowing legibility for attendees sitting closest to the ice. Quince was able to direct the customer on necessary content creation methods that would create the best resolution, brightness, and contrast. Working with the arena staff the lines of the ice were painted over then re-surfaced allowing an ideal full white and highly reflective surface. Utilizing the several discrete 1080p outputs from the multiple Pandora's Box media servers and properly prepared 4k native content, the result was a well resolved, bright, and high resolution seamless projected image.