3D Court Projection: Jordan Brand Classic, Barclays Center, NY


On April 18, 2014 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, Quince Imaging once again transformed the entire basketball court into a 3-dimensional, jaw-dropping projection display.

This 3D image projection mapping with forced perspective used the same technology that was used recently for the jersey retirement ceremony of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Zydrunas Ilgauskas. This featured a blend of the traditional and the cool - the very cool, thanks to 3D video that was projected onto the Quicken Loans Arena court before the game and at halftime.

Quince Imaging's principal designer, CJ Davis, teamed up again with Think Media Inc. to seamlessly merge Quince's 3D animations with traditional 2-D video content.

The nation's sporting franchises are quickly realizing that this technology can be more than just a supplemental effect; with proper design, it can be a show in it of itself.

By compositing traditional still and video imagery into a specialized graphical treatment, the Quince design team is able to balance dramatic effects with team's game highlight and branding needs.

Team owners and fans have responded so positively to the display that the Quince engineering team has developed a standardized display and playback system that can be rapidly deployed to any arena. The display system includes UHD playback, high contrast imaging, and an optional interactive package.

Utilizing the Coolux Pandoras Box system, multi-person tracking can span the entire court. Tracking data can then be used to augment full court imagery, track players on the surface, or create a unique game experience for the fans. All of this while maintaining crisp image quality, and smooth playback across 12 HD projectors.

For more information on the projection portion of the event, or about Quince Imaging please contact: Scott Williams, Quince Imaging, COO.